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What are the sizes of the controller boxes?

15inches long X 10.5 inches wide X 3 inches tall.

What does this controller work on?

Our controllers are wired to be fully functional with a PS3/PS4 and PC.

It has all buttons, 2 analog sticks (R3 and L3) to work with your console.

Will the controller work on a anything else?

Certain adapters can be purchased to convert this controller to other consoles.  The controllers are built using a Brook Fighting Board. Check out their website, anything their PCB's are capable of doing this controller can too.

How long does it take to get a controller?

All controllers are custom built, we will need to discuss colors and button pattern that are best for you.  The entire process can take as short as 6 days to ship (if all components are in stock) or up to 12 days to ship (if custom products have to be made or ordered)

We will finalize your order, send out a payment form and begin building your custom controller. 

What are the Fully Custom Controllers?

These controllers are 100% customizable.  You determine where the button holes will be located and which buttons go on that hole.  Additionally you can choose your own joystick attachment and your analog stick attachment as well.

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