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Controllers for everyone, disabilities will not stop you from playing.

About Us

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At Nhuad  Video Game Controllers we aim to change the way video games are played.  Our goal is to enhance gaming for everyone.  We offer a wide variety of game controllers for gamers with disabilities and gamers without a disability but want a different way of gaming. 


Accessibility Controller

Our Adaptive Controllers were created to help gamers with limitations reach all needed buttons and analog sticks to effectively and competitively play video games.  Our controller takes all buttons and both analog sticks from a standard game controller and lays them out for easy accessibility.

Custom Controller

Our Custom Controller Box allows gamers the ability to fully customize their own video game controller box.  Design your controller box to fit your individual needs.  Determine the location of every button and the analog sticks.  Also, the ability to customize your joystick and analog stick attachments for better play and better control.  

Double Thumb Stick Controller

Our Double Thumb Controller boxes are created with a unique button pattern for specific style of games . Controllers created specifically for 'First Person Shooter', 'Racing Games' and 'Sports Games'. 

Our first release "The Single Shot" Controller was created to take your shooting skills to the next level.  Whether you play Valorant, Counter-Strike, Apex Legend or C.o.D.  This controller box will take your shooting to the next level.  The lay out of the buttons allows for greater control, rapid fire and reloading quicker. 


Powered by: 

Brooks Fights Board


Compatible with PS4 & PC

All Buttons Available

2 Analog Sticks


Headphone Aux.​

Parallel Lines




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How to Order

All of our controllers are fully custom and  hand made to order.  To order, start by sending us an email and tell us which controller box you are interested in and some basic details; box color, button size and color.  The 'Accessibility Box' and the 'Single Shot Box' are standard layouts but you can change the button pattern.  


Send us an email 

Tell us which box you're interested in and the basic color description.


We will begin your custom consultation and finalize your order. (1-3 days)

We will begin custom building your controller.

*Build time 2-9 days.

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Custom Options

                       Our boxes are fully customizable! 

You pick:


1.    Box finish and color:

         Matte: Black or White

         Clear: Frost, Green, Amber or Yellow

         Gloss: Black, White, Red, Yellow, Blue & Violet

*Boxes are made by Eternal Rivals

2.       Button Size 

         24 mm or 30 mm

3.        Button Color

         Black, White, Red, Green, Yellow, Light Blue

4.     Joystick Attachment

         Red Ball, Black Ball or Flight Stick


5.     Analog Stick Attachment

         Standard Thumb stick,

         2.5/3.5 inch "Tear Drop"

         2.5 inch "Round Top"

          2 in "Door Knob"


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